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Every School Explained

Oct 16, 2013
Hello there everyone, I'd like to post this to address an age-old question about which school is the best for whatever purpose.

Elemental Schools

Storm Wizards are capable of dealing devastating attacks, but with the catch of very low health, and accuracy. As a storm, you will need to work on accuracy, and health more then anything else. I don't recommend starting out the game as a storm, but storm is still, one of my most favorite schools.

Ice Wizards are almost the complete opposite of the school of Storm. They have the highest health in the game, with medium accuracy, these guys are built for tanking and not hitting as they have lower damage output. I would recommend you use this school after playing for about a year, as it requires a decent amount of skill to play.

Fire Wizards are capable of dealing medium damage attacks, but they have a cool spell feature called overtime which is a little guy who hangs at the enemy / wizards feet. These take off the beginning of every round for 3 rounds. Fire Wizards are have decent health and lower accuracy (more than storm though )

Spiritual Schools

Life Wizards are built more for tanking and keeping their fellow wizards alive, they have monstrously high accuracy, with medium damage attacks and medium, to higher health. Life Wizards are great team players, and have amazing heals, with a heal overtime which is the opposite of a damage overtime, which heals the target instead of damaging them.

Myth Wizards are usually capable of dealing medium damage with decent accuracy, myth wizards have medium, to low health. Myth does die easily if you don't know what you're doing, but myth wizards have an advantage there. They can summon minions to aid them in battle, you gain these as you progress, the higher the rank the minion, the higher the rank the spells they can cast.

Death Wizards are known for having medium, to high health and pretty good accuracy, death wizards are GREAT for soloing the game because they have cool methods where some of their attacks give back half of what you deal to your enemy. Death is one of my favorite schools out of all the schools and I am planning on making a new one soon!

Other Schools

Balance Wizards are known for medium health, and decent accuracy, I would not recommend using this school until you have learned the roots of the other schools, because balance is unique. They have spells that combine all the schools into one hit. Adding a "balance" to everything, using every school.

Sorry, I don't know too much about balance I will try to learn more about the school.

May 03, 2016
Balance is very advance as this person has said. One of the things it as triple attacks like hydra and chimera. Balance also has the ability to destroy auras and take away pips. It gives the most support when it comes to blading with balance blade and bladestorm. With this school you can't be reckless or too careful because although their stats matches that with ice and some of fire, they can still be easily target by enemies( if that makes sense). I would suggest play balance until yo have either played with the other schools or seen the other schools play.