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Equip Overwrite ?

Mar 18, 2009
Question: if one piece of clothing has 2% pip increase and another piece of clothing has 3% pip increase, will only the highest count or is the combined percentage 5? I've tried both on at the same time with little noticeable difference. Wanted to make sure one piece is not being wasted.

Aug 19, 2008
All items you have equiped that include power pip percentages (ppp) are added to the ppp you have for your level.

Open your book and check the top right button. It shows your ppp there.

You can now change your clothing and then open book to see your health, mana and power pip percentage and change accordingly.

I noted before in most items you must choose between health/mana and ppp. I try to keep my ppp just over 50% so I can still increase my health/mana rating some. My higher level wizards go more for ppp while my baby wizards absolutely want higher health/mana and will not listen to the older ones! LOL

Play around with your options til you find what is comfortable for you.

Dec 31, 2008
They add together. Look at your character stats with neither piece on, then put both on and look again. Your power pip chance should show the total increase. To quickly see your character stats, type the letter C.