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Epic Bundle Packs & Prepaid Cards

Nov 11, 2010
Dear Kingsisle,

I have been finding it unfair how people in Australia and other countries out side of the United States can't buy the epic bundle backs, we miss out on all the new pets and other things that only the americans can look forward to.

I think it would be amazing it the Epic pack & prepaid cards where also avalible online, I think you could make alot more money and i also think you would players out side of the states alot more happier and intersester.

I for one wish i could have the houses and pets from the cards.

I hope you that what i have said into consideration and make the Epic Bundle Packs & Prepaid cards available online. I know I would not be the only player who would greatly appreciate this.

Kind Regards

$15 Prepaid Cards are available at most Australian EBGames and Toys R Us locations.

As the demand in individual countries grows, so will the distribution of cards.

Please see this page for more info: <a href="https://www.wizard101.com/game/giftcards" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.wizard101.com/game/giftcards</a>

Aug 16, 2009
Yes they should put the Epic Bundle online for sale because in the United
States Virgin Islands there is no gamestop ot Toy's R Us.

Aug 12, 2011
I agree, i for one am in the states but i can understand that BUT they should be online because i am over 18, and i a debet card, BUT the stores around my area choose not to sell wizard101 cards, tough break for me, but if they were online...