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Enhancement Cards

Feb 05, 2010
Ok, I give up. Will someone please explain to me how to the enhancement cards. I can't for the life of me get them to attach to anything. Please Help!

May 31, 2009
I know with tough treasure cards you click on the treasure card then on the card you want to make tougher, some card combos are not possible. For example you cannot use tough on death cards that give life back to the caster, it just does not work. Some accuracy cards you use on yourself others on cards, storm guys love sniper.Hope this helps.

Feb 14, 2009
keen eye/ similar, increase accuracy on one card with 99/- accuracy
tough on any card that does damage, except drains, wraiths etc.
REMINDER these only work for cards you OWN and are not given by wearing anything

May 24, 2009
Lets see, by enhancement cards you mean the keen eyes, tough, mutations etc. . Well the only way you can use them is during battle and you must equip them in your side board thing in your deck. When your in combat you discard one card and draw a card to get your enhancement card. Once you have it you click on it and then it gives you an option on which card you want to enhance. Once you done that it turns into a treasure card in which you use in battle right away or you can save it for later. Note that you cant sell your cards once they are enhanced and you cant enhance purple cards or any other treasure cards only the ones you learned! Hoped this helped! :)

Apr 26, 2009
Do you mean cards like Tough and Keen?

If so, you need to put them in as treasure cards. When in a battle (going to Unicorn Way to a simple battle is a nice place to do this), discard a spell and pull up a treasure card.

If you have a Tough treasure card, it can boost attack spells. Click the treasure then the attack card and they will merge creating a new treasure card. You can either use it then, or save it for later.

If you have spells like Keen or Sniper, they increase accuracy--use them on any spell card that doesn't have 100% accuracy already.

Hope that helps!
Tara Wildflower
Grandmaster Myth
Master Artisan

May 09, 2009
to use enchantment cards, first you need to put them in your sideboard. Go fight someone and draw the enchantment card. Click on the enchantment card then click on the card you want to enchant. Enchantments don't work on treasure cards and item cards. I kind of wish that they worked on item cards because I wanted to make my friend a jade oni. I think the acuracy cards don't work on life because life has so much accuaracy already. maybe it does work on life.

Feb 05, 2010
Thanks alot guys, I give it another try. I have quite a few of them and it would be ashamed to have to get rid of them due to not being able to use
Thanks again to all!