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Email from Wizards101 eal or Bogus

May 12, 2009
I received an email from Wizards101, or rather it says it is from the staff at KI, requesting verification of my email address so that i could stay connected.
This got me to wondering, there are so many phishing attempts with other places might this also not be one?
I was examined it for the website the "click here link" took me too, there was in it no indication of this belonging to KI.
This started the old suspicion gears a turning at high speed.

I recon what I'm getting at is:
A. Was this really from KI?
B. If it was, how in the future can we ensure that an email received is valid?
C. What should we do if we do get a bogus email?

I guess I'm a bit suspicious what with the Facebook incident.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Our players who use AOL* received the following email:

Stay connected with Wizard101.

Please confirm we have your correct email address to stay in the loop
- special Wizard 101 promotions
- exclusive news and information
- announcement of new game features

To confirm your email address, simply click the link below. Doing so helps
ensure messages from Wizard101 reach your inbox and aren’t flagged by
your service provider.

Click here to confirm email address: (generated icontact link)

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you back at Ravenwood soon.

This is a legitimate email from us, using a third party service called icontact.

If you ever question the content of an email, DO NOT click any of the links but instead type the website into your browser and check your contact settings directly at the official site.

Thank you, and thanks to everyone who verified their contact information with us.

*It may have been autoforwarded to a different email if you have AOL autoforward enabled.

May 15, 2009

Safest practise:

Never, ever, click on a link given to you in an e-mail.

This way, you will never get scammed in that manner.

Instead, just log on to the site (in this case, your W101 account) directly (generally, your own bookmark you created) to do what needs to be done.