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Easiest way to obtain a floating wand

Jul 12, 2019
Hi guys i'm a level 57 ice wizard and i'm looking for a good looking wand to stitch into.
The things i have in mind are flute wands or i seen some people with floating wands.
Where can i get these types of wands. I know that some of the floating wands or maybe most are from packs but is there a way i can get a flute wand?
Ty for the help

Mar 15, 2020
I'm not sure about the floating wands, but I know that the devs bring back the flutes sometimes during throwback Thursdays. I believe it the flutes were originally from the Mega Bundle, which also may come back during a bundle-a-palooza. However, I have also heard of people fishing them up in Mirage.

Hope this helps

Oct 18, 2009
Floating wands? Do you mean the wands that have floating bits around the top like the staffs you get from fishing in zafaria. Or the tiny orb sized wands that you hold in one hand that come in the winter and halloween packs. (I think the book from the spiral cup gauntlet and the recolor in zigzag floats too, havent used it in a while.)

Aug 16, 2014
I got my death floating eye from a pack