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Dying cloths

Feb 14, 2009
Do you think if you buy school cloths with the cheapest colors and then try to dye them later, that it should cost the same as just buying it those colors in the first place? It basicly makes you lose extra gold in the end

Dec 08, 2008
Much time ago, I brought the Royal Tunic of Blade, is a Old Crown Robe, at that time, you could buy Crown Items with gold, if not the old gear willed be much more rare today. Well, I went to the Robe Shop at Wizard101, to check the cost again, I wished Black and Write in that colors the Robe willed cost 10X (exemple), I tried put the Write and Write colors and the cost down for 7X and I brought and went to the Dye Shop change the Base to Black costing 1X. I saved 2X, I cut that with some Balance Gears in my secondary wizard and saved some gold, but I don't know what will happen with other gears.

I hope help,

Oct 31, 2009
I am not completely sure but I think it will not cost as much. I would assuma it wouldnt but that is only my thoughts. I think you could try and if it is less than great and if it is more you know not to do that.
P.S. I think i've seen you around the message boards. 8)

Jul 30, 2009
Feb 17, 2009
I guess that is for you, because when i dye my clothes it is cheaper to buy them the cheapest way , and then dye them. But yes the clothes should just be the same

Thomas Swifthistle, Grandmaster Ice