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Dueling Diego not refilling potions

Dec 02, 2008
Is that intentional? The rest of the minigames refill your potions. There is a score threshold that you have to beat to do so, but in the rest of the minigames, it's completely trivial to beat for someone actually trying to do the game, even on a first try. I tried Dueling Diego a few times, and made it to the third level once, and it still didn't refill potions.

May 21, 2008

I asked around, and evidently he DOES drop loot (including mana refills) -- but the reward curve is set a bit too high, so to get anything you have to score REALLY well at the game ! We'll get someone to look at that.

Thanks for the heads up!

Nov 04, 2008
hey i was looking at the high scores for dueling diego and they are in the trillions! i KNOW this is a glitch because 1. who in they're right mind would play that game for that long?
2.in this game you get barely any points campared to the other games.
3. err i ran out of ideas lol