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Duel Justin Bieber?

Jan 20, 2010
I would LOVE to kill Justin Bieber!!!! Me and my friends who DESPISE her would waste 72 hours just killing her over and over and over again! XD

~Olivia Lotusflower
Legendary Thaumaturge

Jul 26, 2010
I am absolutely not a fan of celebrities. I can stand them, but I don't think that there should be any manditory quests that make you "battle" them. This is partially because I don't want to have to pass by their fans, who constantly tell me how absolutely "awesome" Justin Bieber is. Also, real people like that in a fantasy game like this takes away from the adventure. I think that this game should stick with fantasy characters.

Samantha Skullbreath
Death wizard
Lvl 21

May 26, 2010
ffjkg wrote:
izzi250 wrote:
schooling1 wrote:
um if it is justin bieber then there will be girls like don't fight and kill justin bieber we love him! then there might be girls reporting for killing justin bieber so if it is then probably i won't come online except the teen icon is a girl

lol lo if it was justin bieber i would go right ahead and defeat him ( cause we boys think that justin bieber isn't good at ALL! ) if he was death i would be like oh look who's my new rival :/ if girls report for defeating justin i would be like ok really? have to be mean? its a game its not like i killed him in real life GOD!

hunter legendwraith level50 necromancer

I would do the same thing. He will regret comming to wizard 101 if he does! charlesdragonblood level 49 pyromancer.

OH YEAH! he better watch out. but if he comes he will have his hair on fire. it weird i just am hearing a commerchial about him.i want to throw a rock at the tv now XD