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Dragon's Hoard Pack!

Oct 24, 2009
i got the bone dragon mount..
spent 90,573 crowns
for me i had to get 227 dragon's hoard packs
to got it..

Dec 13, 2008
i love all the items you get from the pack and i'm trying to get the bone dragon mount still no luck at least i have the dragon wings mount

Aug 05, 2010
I think that Wizard101 should just put the (Dragon wings mount) and
(Bone Dragon mount) in the crown shop, don't get me wrong I don't mind them being in a pack but It gets to the point where I'm like is this even worth it. I've spent $15.00 worth of crowns and still haven't gotten the (bone dragon mount-the main reason why I bought the pack) I'm going to try a few more times, but if I still have not obtained it then I'm not going to get anymore packs because I don't want to waste all of my money on something virtual.

lvl 42 Cori UnicornGem

p.s if your really willing to go all out for this (Bone Dragon) or any other special item in the Dragon Hoard Pack, think to your self is it really worth the real life money.

Mar 02, 2009
Just thought all players and parents might like to know the odds of getting something cool from this pack, ie. the coveted Skeletal Dragon.
My daughter spent $25 of her saved up money trying to get one of these things (yes, yes, I advised her not to, but kids make their own decisions). She didn't receive anything of interest save for one lifesword, a pet and a bunch of useless gems and house decorations. When I contacted Wizard 101, here was their response:

We're sorry she's disappointed. It's a random loot roll. Some of the uber cool items are very, very rare & not all packs get set number of specific items. Some have a heavy dose of reagents or snacks, others have attire, mounts or pets & some are mix. Please be aware, with ALL random chances (not just in this game), the odds of winning reset with EACH attempt (so, if you have 1:100 chance of getting X, each time you roll, your odds are 1:100 - that does NOT mean if you buy 100 packs, you'll get 1).

KingsIsle Support

SO parents, if your child is trying to get a Skeletal Dragon, which seems to be the big draw on this pack, be forewarned. Your child may be wasting their money.

May 28, 2011
i got a awesome fire sword from it and some cool shoes to boot [nice pun]

belgrim ogrebane lvl. 19 myth

p.s. i only bought it 2 times!

Jun 03, 2010
I have a level 60 storm wizard and life wizard i spent about seven thousand crowns and got 2 sword/wands,4 pets, 2 bone dragon mounts, 1 dragon wings mount, too many of the hats, robes, and shoes. but with sixty thousand crowns my friend didnt get the bone dragon mount and i got two.......?

May 13, 2011
i spent a lot of crowns on the pack. no bone dragon, but i got a lot of useful things like temporary dragons (even though theyre slower than my seraph wings), skeletal dragon cards, high-quality snacks and even polymorth draconian treasure card. i even improved my house showoff. garden got bigger because of burning snap dragons and theres not any more space left in the trophy room because of all the busts, shields and trophies (balance house) so thanks for this. i kinda agree its like gambling though

Feb 14, 2010
I got bone dragon on my first try XD

Personally, I think I don't like it much, for it jumps, and moves on it's own a lot.

-Lenora SoulShard

Jun 05, 2010
Jul 25, 2010
laron999 wrote:
I bought crowns for myself and my kids today so we could get the Dragon's Hoard Pack. They bought it, and one of them was lucky enough to get the bone mount, but the other one hasn't yet, after 5 tries. When I tried to buy the pack from the crown shop, it would not let me. I could only gift it. Are there level restrictions or anything that would prevent me from being able to buy it? (I am level 58, if that helps)
check your backpack, it might be full

Mar 09, 2009
I am in LOVE with the pack! Alothouigh i disagree with some of the choice of syle, the stats are good.
There is one thing i would change though. if you could let the color of the gear be changable (dye shop) that would be great. I want to change the color of my boots and robe to match my stitched DH pack helm. Its great that you can stitch them, but what if you want to keep the style? (the robe is pretty sweet!)
The pack is still awesome!

--Dustin RavenBreath aka Country Gamer
Level 60 Myth

Feb 18, 2010
maelstrom2000 wrote:
Are these Dragon Hoard packs even legal? Aren't they gambling? You spend crowns (that cost real world money) in order to get a CHANCE to get the dragon mount. Sounds like gambling to me. True, the packs always give you something...so in a way I guess they are also like old school trading cards, but still uncomfortably close to gambling for me to want to encourage my daughter to participate in this kind of behavior.

i'm going to have to agree with you maelstrom2000. this basically is gambling, and for those who say "But it's just like a grab bag", arent those like gambling too? let's say you want a certain prize out of a bag, like an epic slide whistle xD. the cost of getting a bag is lets say, uh, 5 dollars. you pay the cashier or whoever, and you get a bag, but not what you want. so you keep paying the person until you get the epic slide whistle(xD). that's basically playing the slots machines, even though you're not in a casino. i went on Dictionary.com to find out what exactly the word gambling means, and here's what i got:

1.to play at any game of chance for money or other stakes.
2. to stake or risk money, or anything of value, on the outcome of something involving chance: to gamble on a toss of the dice.
and you're saying putting money into this pack isnt like gambling?

you're putting your money at stake here, just to get a chance at getting the dragon mount. at some point you have to ask yourself is this really worth spending this much money on this? you could spend sixty dollars on this and not get the mount, just so KI gets their bills paid or whatever with the money you spend. in my opinion, if you can't get it in thirty dollars or less, its not worth it. but even i'm caught in the power of the pack, i just might try again for this epic mount in a few monthes or so. but this Dragon's pack basically is gambling. everything in life is a gamble.

Jul 03, 2011
As is with many of the MMO's out there these packs are just a flavor item for those who wish to have the flavor of having them, a lot of people who play do not have the crowns to buy them. Does that mean its wrong to ask others? No, its just another item that many people want to have. So if your being begged for a pack just be polite and say that you cannot, we all have to remember that children play this along with all of us adults. My daughter loves to do extra chores in return for crowns. So if we are polite to those who beg there is a smaller chance of being reported, and if KI cannot distinguish between those who are being disrespectful and those just not happy with all the begging then that is on the company. Every MMO out there has its beggars and just plain gold farmers that it is to be expected. I play this with my daughter and I play WoW in a serious progression guild, so I have come to expect all the bad players lol. And at times if I think it is an honest person asking for help I even go to the point of gifting them. But if you are a person begging I advise you chat with someone before just friend inviting then trying to trade lol.

Sep 05, 2010
bionaknight wrote:
wow, this is the best thing ever to happen to w101 :D! well one of them, celestia was pretty cool too XD, but still. i got the bone dragon the wings and full vigilant gear but no sword I:. i going to keep on trying though. but ty soooooooo much :D!

cya in the spiral,
Paul Stormglade, level 60 diviner

Funny, The Sword Was The First Thing I Got! Anyways, I Have Bought It Atleast 10 Times, (I Am Ofcourse Trying To Get The WHOLE Collection!) And All I Got So Far Was The Sword And Shoes... So I Need 2 Mounts, A Hat And A Robe, (And Maybe More!)

Aug 21, 2009
You know you can always play KI free games too right? you dont have to spend all of your money. I have gotten 3 packs from there already, and i got the assassiling dragon helm, or however you spell it. I think I got to tier 8 or 9 thought to get those.

Jun 17, 2011
How do you get the dragons hoard, bone dragon permanent? Is it rare to get in the packs?

Jan 24, 2011
hi guys just wandering if anyone could help me??

i have bought some dragons hoard packs and got some clothing, will it change and get better as i level up or will it stay level 20+ forever
thanks :D

Sep 29, 2009
I have gone through a few packs, and finally I have gotten the Bone Dragon mount!!! Here's my motto for the chance of getting it: With patience, great rewards are acheived.

Sep 27, 2010
Listen it isn't gambling OK! You still have a chance of getting other stuff i own the mount after three months of looking for it it is worth it. :D my friends are really nice. they dont beg me for the pack. :) i am really sorry about the person who got deleted. :( and to all of you people who are begging for it EARN YOUR OWN MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 04, 2010
YES! They're on sale! Now i HAVE to get crowns! XD

Chase Nightbreath, Legendary Pyromancer

Jun 22, 2011
Usually when I get crowns, I buy what I want and use the left over to see what I can get on the pack. closest I got was the wings, but I am not dieing for it or really wanting it. If I did get it I think it would be cool. But, I have to ask you guys. Why are you all in the WC commons anyway? If you hate it so much leave and go to another world in the spiral. I just would not say anything to them if they wanted me to give it to them. Saying something would feed the fire, you know the phrase! "Silence is golden". And about the reporting, there is not threat, I am sure KI checks logs incase somethings happens and they will deal with the player who is threating to report you. Besides if they did, they will warn on ban the player for false reporting.

Mar 20, 2011
Seriously this Dragons Hoard thing isnt working out. One time i gifted a friend, cuz he wanted a bone dragon mount, and he didnt get it so i spent like 1500 crowns on him!
I got the bone dragon on my balance for the FIRST TRY. But on my life i waisted like 10.000 on it, and besides the bone dragon all the stuff is useless. People just sell it. (Well the wings are an acception, if you have 1 pair you dont sell it i guess) I mean i waisted 500 crowns for TC and a pet dragon that i could buy for 800 gold?!

Jul 31, 2008
Kaatjaa5 wrote:
Seriously this Dragons Hoard thing isnt working out. One time i gifted a friend, cuz he wanted a bone dragon mount, and he didnt get it so i spent like 1500 crowns on him!
I got the bone dragon on my balance for the FIRST TRY. But on my life i waisted like 10.000 on it, and besides the bone dragon all the stuff is useless. People just sell it. (Well the wings are an acception, if you have 1 pair you dont sell it i guess) I mean i waisted 500 crowns for TC and a pet dragon that i could buy for 800 gold?!

Lol Check the pet again. If you got a pet it was probably a utility Dragon or something similar. NOT the one you can buy in Wizard city, but one much better (63 pedigree).

I myself got 5 pets (2 sea dragons and 3 of the other ones) 2 sets of wings 2 bone dragons, a few of the dragon gear and the Blade, plus a bunch of reagents and decoration items. I spent about 20-25 dollars, with the sea dragons alone I hauled back 50 dollars worth (its too bad that I already had a bunch of them by hatching though).

To Kingsisle I say Great Job! Excellent Pack this one!

To all of the complainers out there:

Seriously? Are you really Blaming KI for what other people do or say? Do you feel morally obligated to give money to those who beg? If so, please tell me where I can meet you so I can beg you to give me crowns!! (That was sarcasm)

May 02, 2009
Apr 17, 2010
I was at my best friends house in real life and he bought the dragon's hoard like five times. He got permanent bat wings, permanent dragon wings, like five fire dragon treasure cards, a ton of 1 day mounts, millions of pet snacks and reagents, little gear, and an epic sword. It was awesome!