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Dragon Hoard Pet Sprite Changes

Dec 13, 2008
Hey fellow wizards,

Let me start of by saying this is my first post in these forums so I'm sorry if this is the wrong section. That being said, I wanted to talk about the vigilant, assailing, and utility dragons. Like with many other pets, these three are the rare pets that could only be obtained by the card pack or hatching. While the talents on these pets are pretty nice, their looks are terrible. They look just like a normal dragon except unlike a normal dragon you can't even change the color on these. This causes these dragons to be undesirable by many and I think something that was a rare drop from a crowns card pack should have atleast some originality to it. It doesn't have to be a completely new skin like the beasts from the hydra pack, but atleast something. Whether it's just some stripes or a something like snowflakes on the vigilant dragon, I believe the pets' looks should be changed atleast a little.