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Downloading System - Not very effective

Dec 30, 2013
Hi KI,

I came to talk about the way we download the game as we play. It's a bit ineffective because we don't have an option to download the full game, so we have to wait for every single thing to be downloaded in order to see the given thing.

The problem is that, if you just downloaded the game and want to play straight forward, you will see everyone invisible until every single character, clothing, mount, pet, etc is downloaded. It's annoying when every single character has A TON of single things to be downloaded (like the way they move or whatever, ie.: idle, swimming, turn, etc etc).

This does not happen on other games. You can, yes, play as the game is downloaded, but basically the characters have been downloaded previously - on Wizard101 it feels like there is thousands and thousands of small pieces of character files to be downloaded - it takes ages!

Why not to have a way to download everything at once? Or, at least, a way to download the characters clothing and whatnot so we will not have them invisible when meeting them.

I would not bother at all waiting a full 30 min or so for the game to be patched, but I would having to see everyone invisible until it's completed.