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Does Wysteria Reference Mirage?

Feb 04, 2012
So, in the Wysteria gauntlet and the Wysteria School Dormitories, there are two cat NPCs (Sisters, I think) that look like they're from Krokotopia, but we've never seen any cats in Krokotopia. Now, this is mainly because their last names are "Dunerunner" (Or something like that) and "Dunestrider."
What place has dunes? Krokotopia does. But Mirage could too.

Now, I believe a Mirage image has been released somewhere, and if you look at it, it does look a bit like Krokotopia, right?

So my theory is that these two cats are from Mirage. Do you think this is true??

-Roslyn Blueflower, Exalted

Jul 26, 2011
Yes, Nalia and her sister (who is in the Spiral Cup Gauntlet) have said that their homeworld is Mirage. From the description Nalia gives, there is little plant life which makes it most likely a desert type of world.