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Does W101 infiltrate your real life? :D

Aug 03, 2014
A company I work for sometimes sent us all on a 'Stress Management' course today. It was all relaxation techniques and they were talking us through peaceful visualisation exercises.

We had to close our eyes and they talked us through imagining ourselves walking through a meadow etc etc etc...but when they went into the exercise the woman running the course dropped her voice to a soothing, calm volume...and I couldn't hear what she was saying.

Sitting in a quiet room, full of relaxed people with their eyes closed, I didn't dare interrupt to ask her to speak up a bit...so I just imagined myself visiting Grizzleheim instead!

It was awesome! I was giggling to myself all the way home - I just got paid to daydream about W101

Have you got any funny stories or times W101 has popped into your real life?

Aug 23, 2016
Most of my dreams revolve around W101.

It takes me a second or two to resolve the fact that I am NOT battling Humongfrog anymore and must face the Real World without my spell deck.

Steven Ghoststalker

Oct 04, 2012
I think about wizard101 pretty often so yea

May 06, 2011
Does W101 infiltrate your real life? :D

Okay I will admit it

There may have been some instances while driving from point A to point B where I have seen things on the side of the road that resembled Reagents.

And yes for a brief moment have actually considered how to change direction so I could pick them up.

Leesha Lotusflower