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Does anybody else play both boy and girl wiz?

Jun 30, 2009
I'm a girl who usually plays as a guy. I do have a few girl characters, but they're all novices. My guy characters range from level 30-60. I usually play as guys in games since the girl avatars always look goofy. I don't really have trouble acting as a guy though, since I play on less crowded realms I hardly meet anybody and when I do, I barely say anything. It's still weird when I'm playing pvp or something and a teammate calls me dude or bro. Its even worse when a random chick asks me to date her or something when I'm walking through the commons to get to the bazaar. The only person who knows that I'm actually a girl is a friend I play who goes to the same school as me. So for all those people out there who ask people out in the game, remember that it could be the opposite gender on the other side of the screen.

Mad respect to Kingsisle

Wolf Silverblade Level 60 ice wizard

Mar 24, 2009
I do! I have two accounts actually of which that are full of boys and girls. One has girls, one has boys. I find it fun to experiment and compare the differences between the two genders in this game.
The only downside of it is that someone will start talking to me about man talk and I'll have to awkwardly explain, 'Hey. I'm a girl.'

Nov 18, 2009
I have a girl character (it was not mine, its a relative's) she gets treated way different then my boy character in other games i also noticed that girl characters get treated soooo much better then boys do.
oh well :?

Dec 14, 2009
I have always considered someone who plays a gender other than their own, in need of some good counseling or therapy.

Mar 13, 2011
asdfghjkl1234675 wrote:
i also noticed that girl characters get treated soooo much better then boys do.
oh well :?
lol! i have a boy ( for relative like you he tells me to never play on it :[ ) and a girl for myself :D

Feb 03, 2011
Flintlock16 wrote:
I was wondering how many other players play both kinds of characters. In my 25 years of playing role playing games, I have always created both male and female characters. I think it broadens your understanding, much like playing mages or fighters do in D&D. Like here, I would not play the same schools over and over again. Does that make sense? (Here I have an equal number of both)

All my MMO games have been Male...Nothing against female!

Jan 23, 2009
I tried a boy years ago and to my dismay found the girls in this game a bit aggressive and it was embarassing to tell them i was a married woman with kids.

So because I like the top hats and look i crafted a boy then dressed him.

Seriously though i was suprised to find the girls much more in your face than boys. One was just straight up and told me she needed a boy and was mad when i wished her luck finding one. Ladies that is not good news. ;p

I was embarrassed and i am hardly that, ever.