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Do gifts expire in wizard101?

Aug 22, 2012
If I were to redeem a code in wizard101 and didn't use it when i play (like on screen it shows i have the gift, but i didn't accept it), until when do i have until it expires after not accepting it for so long? i wanna wait until my wizard is at least in level 50 before i redeem my gift, and i'm too far right now from my goal.

thanks in advance for answering!

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
They don't to my knowledge. I've had my gift box filled with gifts with promotional wands I won years ago and I still have access to them.

However, occasionally when trying to redeem gifts a couple months/years old, you may see a message saying "unable to redeem "X" gift, please try again"

Logging in and out usually solves this error.

Jul 30, 2011
Do you mean if it just sits in the gift box on your screen?

Jan 01, 2009
Dworgyn answered another poster that asked about gifts not showing up in gift box on screen in the game. He said that KI only ever allowed 10 pages of gifts to show at a time and that the poster might want to accept some gifts so the newest one would show. Seem this shows that gifts don't expire, they just hide out. I have several pages myself, so I think I will go count them. Hope this helps. I think Star Edward has it just right.

May 11, 2015
I don’t believe so. I’ve have 2 pages of Energy Elixers as gifts from Wizard101 inside a gift box on the left side of the screen. I have 2 left but I think they last forever.

Madison FirePyre