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Din Ho: I really like this guy!

Dec 31, 2008
There are lots of places in the game where someone sends you on an errand and you get ambushed or attacked. When you come back to the person who sent you, they often give excuses why they "had to" do it, or even taunt you 'cause they meant to trick you all along.

Not Din Ho in Cave of Solitude! When you tell him you were ambushed on one of his errands, he apologizes sincerely, admits he didn't know important stuff, and tells you he doesn't want to send you into danger again. When he proposes the next goal, he says "Let me know if you want to proceed," and tells you why it would be helpful, and says "If you are willing."

He doesn't give excuses, or try to make it your fault that he messed up. Gosh I wish everybody acted like this!