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Different classes wearing diferent classes stuff?

Mar 27, 2009
I saw a level 45 balance wizard with a fire only amulet equiped, How is that posible? i tried it but it didnt work, it was snowcushers flame pendent so how did they equip it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jul 27, 2008
I am a myth wizard but I currently have an Ice Only ring equipped. I recieved my ring before it was ice only and equipped it. If I were to change to a different ring, or remove it, then I would no longer be able to use it. So I don't take it off. I haven't found anything better.

It is possible that you saw an Admin in the game (someone that works for Wizard101.) They have the ability to change their character's school to test different aspects of the game. If their character had an item equipped it can stay equipped.

Jan 29, 2009
I have a wraith necklace that I won before it became a death only item. As someone above already mentioned, if I unequip it, I will not be able to re-equip it again.

At one time, they had rings in DS for sale but not for specific schools on a couple. When they made them school specific, those people still had their items.

Tristan Dragonhead Grandmaster Diviner

Mar 27, 2009
Thanks Watson, They might be a Admin, But i really dont think they are, i mean like they never do anything that an admin would do, well thanks anyway, i saw another person like that just today, it was a grandmaster theurgist and was wearin kyasys amulet that gives wraith, O and it must be cool to be an admin, i wish i was though, it would be fun but i cant so i will enjoy the game anyway.

YOU ROCK WIZARD101! I PLAY IT EVERY WEEK! i wish i had more crowns though, STLL, YOU ROCK!