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defense and accuracy for stom players

Nov 03, 2009
storm players are really being cheated as they are not allowed to get any good items for accuracy or defense until they get to level 40 so it takes months to get to that level cause they fizzle 3 out of 5 times even when using storm spells and this is so unfair.when will there be better items for storm players. and don't say got to the barzzar because i have tried that and searched every world i can get to. and on top of all that i am being cheated out of experience points because i have to keep fighting the same quest 3-5 times to complete them

Sep 15, 2009
Hi there,

My friend had a storm wizard who fizzled almost constantly, gave us a lot of laughs and was a wonderful experience to play with.

Because of her wizard I made an experimental storm wizard who has now reached DS and is having a whale of a time. She fizzles much less than the card rate suggests - even her wild bolt hits around 75% of the time.

Dont give up, perserverence and patience will provide you with a neat wizard that is great fun to play and you know what? I, personally, think wobbly heads rock! Does it matter if you are defeated sometimes? Unlike other games W101 is set up so that you don't lose gold or possesions when you die, all you have to do is grab a few wisps and get right back in there.

Also, you get XP on every battle you survive, so if you are in a tower with four floors you are getting XP on every floor except the floor you die on - and all the drops and gold that go along with it.

Just smile and go get the bad guy again, it's fun, and doesnt take long to be 'battle ready' again.

Have a nice day!