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Defeat and Collect

Nov 07, 2009
I absolutely HATE defeat and collect quests :x, and I'm sure that many other people also do! It can often take atleast 8 long, boring battles before even 3 are recieved! I am currently working in Zafaria, and have recieved a quest (defeat and collect - no doubt) to collect 10 of something (I can't remember exactly what). Me and my sister have done about 4 or 5 battles. The first 3 had 3 Fire Lion Ravagers, the 4th had 4 Fire Lion Ravagers, and the 5th had 3 Fire Lion Ravagers and a Fire Lioness. We have fought these battles, and boring they were! I have collected 3 of the things we need, and my sister has 2.
There was also a quest in Celestia where we needed something from Voltic Eels. It took us AGES to get these - and I mean ages!
So I would like to hear what you guys think of defeat and collect, and KI, can you please please PLEASE make them easier!!
Amber LegendBlade
Level 70
Transcended Pyromancer
Seth Storm
Level 10 (almost 11)
Novice Diviner
Olivia GoldenHeart
Level 11 (almost 12)
Novice Conjourer

Nov 18, 2011
Same I really dont like them quests ... I was gonna use hate but hate is a strong word

Feb 25, 2009
Zafaria is by far the worst.

I battled so many Fire Lion Ravagers (126) in order to collect the items for 2 or 3 Defeat and Collect quests that I just have not had the interest to really take another wizard into the area.

After the Fire Lions, then came the Elephants and Rhinos (don't remember what they were called) in Zamunda and then starting with the elephants again in Stone Town.

My highest wizard, lvl 67 life is currently in Stone Town and just barely started it. Tired of the constant repetition to obtain the items and not being able to stack quests like we could in other worlds.

KI, please make some adjustments on these Defeat and Collect quests in ZF. It has really become very boring.

Jan 05, 2010
yeah.. I've yet to play Zafaria but remember grinding my teeth after 10 battles in celestia, none of which dropped the item I was after. I do not like these quests either.