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Deck Strategy?

Dec 13, 2008
I am planning to make a Myth wizard soon, as I near Malistare's defeat, I was wondering if I could get some deck strategies for myth wizards?

It's not school specific, however this may help you:

Wizard101: PvE Deckbuilding Strategies

MMORPG.com Wizard 101 Correspondent Matt Plourde writes this guide to building your duelling deck in the magic-based MMORPG.

Now comes the sideboard - you can see the sideboard by managing your deck and clicking on the gold "treasure card" icon to the right. Your equipped deck has a maximum sideboard size and you are allowed to draw those cards after discarding other cards in battle. Treasure cards may be purchased at the libraries, found as treasure, given as a quest reward, traded to/from other players or won in mini-games. Some treasure cards modify other cards, and the most useful ones will probably be cards in your school (so you can take advantage of power pips).
Read the entire guide here.

Dec 13, 2008
Sep 20, 2008
Well I am life so it changes the whole thing.

Life -

7 shields
20 heals
15 damage
2 Minions
Rest is ect.

Dec 24, 2008
Hi Elessar,

I stopped playing my Myth wizard around level 39. However, here was my deck layout:

- Wand that didn't do Myth damage (so I didn't clear my blade)
- Several blades
- Several frogs
- Several shields (I prefer the "tower shield" from ice secondary school)
- 4 to 5 Golem minions* (yes, that 0-pip golem is worth his 0-pip cost, even in mushu)
- remaining spells are damage spells: colossus and minotaur only (your mileage may vary depending on your level)

* swap the golem minions out with minotaur minions if you are solo in a tough zone/fight.
* if you are pvp, swap in colossi minions instead, with some "shield minon" spells as well.

Hope that helps! And, feel free to read my guides on mmorpg.com, as they cover a wide range of game features!

Mar 10, 2009
Elessar wrote:
I am planning to make a Myth wizard soon, as I near Malistare's defeat, I was wondering if I could get some deck strategies for myth wizards?

Well I am several days behind on this but so far (and I'm new (level 20))
I have several blades (I second with Thunder) and serveral shields some minons (Cyclops at this level) and then I have all the cyclops I can carry and some bats and some sharks. then my wand. Which i also avoid using a myth so i dont use blades. but I think that some others way are better so far. but thats just what has worked for me (though i'm still a nub lol)