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Deck problems

Dec 20, 2008
I just purchased a new Novice Death Deck, that holds more cards, thinking it would give me more options in combat. Now, when I enter a fight, all I get is the death touch cards at the bottom of the deck screen. I sold my starter deck and my pinewood deck when I bought this one. I made sure and filled all the novice deck with my spell cards, and made sure I had the novice deck selected, but nothing helps. I even went back and purchased a new starter deck thinking maybe I needed the starter deck to "prime" the second deck, didn't help......no cards in combat. I tried selecting the starter deck to see if that would help, but every time I select the starter deck, it reverts back to the novice deck, anyway. Nothing else has changed, I have the same wand readied. Anyone have any ideas? It is hard to fight the bad guys when all you have is 8, 0 pip cards to fight with!!!!

There are a couple of things that could be causing this.
I know they may sound obvious, I just want to cover the bases.

First of all, inspect the new deck to ensure you have the level and school requirements to equip it. To do this, click on the deck in your backpack. It will show the deck's requirements. Anything listed in red means you cannot equip that deck until you meet that requirement.

Second, equip it. In the panel that shows that you have two decks, the starter and the novice, ensure that the novice deck has a 'gripped hand' symbol beside it.
If not, double click the novice deck to equip it. (You can also select the deck, and click the hand icon at the bottom of that panel.)

If neither of those things help, it could be a bug. To submit a bug report, click the Help banner to the left (on the website) and scroll to the bottom to contact Mr Lincoln. He'll be able to look at the deck and see if it is bugged.

We'll sort this out and thank you.

Dec 20, 2008
Thanks Professor, I just hadn't grabbed it from the backpack. Sure makes a difference!!!!!