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Deck Construction Tips

Mar 28, 2019
So, I'm not new to the card game scene, or even to wizard101 in particuilar. Due to this, I have come to provide anyone who will listen with some advice about deckbuilding.

1. Pick a secondary that covers your primary schools weaknesses
This ones rather simple, but also hard to take advantage of. Since I'm most familiar with it, I'm going to use Storm as an example. When you're a storm wizard, your damage is devastating, but inconsistent, and your health pool makes you the most fragile of all wizards. This means a secondary school that enhances survivability will help you more in the long run. I'd recommend Life, Death, or maybe even Ice. Life's attacks are more accurate, and of course, they have potent healing.

2. Use your sideboard to cover your weaknesses further
This ones also incredibly simple. Use your sideboard to carry spells you wouldnt bother putting in your main deck, be them situational cards, or just spells you dont have (Might i suggest some healing spells if you arent life or death?, or some powerful damaging spells if youre life or ice?)

3. You dont have to fill every slot in your deck. Utilize that!
one of the easiest misconceptions to have is that more cards in your deck is better. To a degree, it can be, especially here, when you can discard your hand to get a new one whenever you want. However, even given this, it's still better to have the cards you need in your first hand instead of your second, third, or even fourth hand. This is what is known in competitive TCG communities as "Consistency", and is why you rarely see decks at competitive card games that go above the minimum

4. Don't be afraid to change your deck on the fly!
This one is hard for even me But Wizard101 is a beautifully diverse game, both in spells and in locations. If you think a locations going to be a problem, there is no shame in changing your deck to better deal with it. Especially as far as shields are concerned.

What are some tips you'd like to give newbies about deckbuilding? Or even the game as a whole. We have to do what we can to be as welcoming as possible to all new friends, so lets make the learning curve as gentle as possible!

Jan 30, 2014
All of what you're saying is pretty helpful, however number one isn't always true.

The most common thing people say is "don't pick a secondary school" which is only partially true. There are certain spells that we should attain that may make our lives easier, but all of these are coming from different schools depending on what school you choose. Most people train one or more of the following:

- Ice up to Tower Shield
- Life up to Satyr
- Death up to Feint

Then of course there's the star spells for your school aura (furnace, galvanic field, sleet storm etc), sun for enchants, and shadow for shrike or seraph.

So yes, you should try to cover your own schools weaknesses. But, you have to be smart about it.

See you in the spiral!