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Death Wizard Gear Suggestions

Apr 04, 2009
Hello. I am a level 33 Death Wizard currently and I was just seeking some advice or suggestions regarding my gear. I have noticed that some players (my level, or so) seem to have on some pretty nice armor which they have either purchaed from various shop vendors or via Prospector Zeke and Crowns. I am trying to avoid using/buying crowns to gear myself. Basically, as I advance from one world to the next I upgrade all of my gear as I can afford. I have read about the end game boss drops and was wondering if I should just be holding off until then.? Or if there were any specific gear/ items I should be seeking at this time for myself? I know at end game i will be investing in a TENT for all the camp farming I will be doing..... But for now any uber items a Death Wizard my level should be using I would appreciate that knowledge!

Thanks in advanced!