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Death Wizard

Jul 31, 2015
I am currently a level 20 Death Wizard. I am having a very hard time choosing a secondary school to invest points into. I currently have 5 points saved up but I am unsure as where to invest them. I like to play many things solo and adventure alone so I was thinking about Balance or Storm to give me more damage. I was considering life but with the 50% steal from my cards didn't think it would be necessary. If someone could give me insight I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Jan 27, 2012
Tower shield is a necessity for death.
Even with higher health, you wont be carrying many heals. So shielding is critical to keep you alive until you can get that hit off to heal yourself.

Feb 01, 2013
life to satyr,
then ice to shield
and then go for what you like
or save them for the advanced schools in celestia


pick one of the other spirit schools (life/myth)

and use the wand for the school you do not pick

that way you get full usage from your spirit blades and traps

also if you are crafting your gear there is some really nice equiptment later on

Feb 01, 2013
almost forgot,

do not use a secondary school (build an anti death deck with prisms)

and save your points for the later sun, moon and star schools in celestia