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Death Spells

May 09, 2010
My Death character is lvl 48. When does he gain another spell, from whom, from where, and how do I know I'm elidgable to learn it?

Feb 25, 2009
You will be contacted by your professor. But just incase you missed it, go check with Dworgyn anyway.

Jul 30, 2010
depends there is skeletal dragon at lvl 58 anytime. then there is virulent plague at lvl 55 sometime in wintertusk.

Dec 23, 2009
Oct 26, 2010
Have you met Dworgyn in Nightside? Btw here are your spells

55: Virulent Plague, and the +35 spell, can't name it right now.

58: Skeletal Dragon, good spell :D.

68: Frankenstein! I love this spell.

Nov 08, 2009
Freddy 9 lives is the guy I need to fight. i am level 33 and I can't get in his tower. I had only 1 fight with him. How do I get to fight him, my teacher doesn't have the mission for me.

Jul 26, 2010
anyone notice that almost all the classes have a Greek mythology person/creature except death?
life- centaur, unicorn, satyr& dryad
myth- cyclops, Medusa, minotaur, Orthus, and basalisk,
storm- Poseidon/ Triton, Siren, kraken
fire- inferno kraken, fire wyrvern, Phoenix, heckhound and rain of fire (reminds me of a greek titan called Hephaestus)
ice- wyvern, colossus,
balance- hydra, RA (from Egyptian mythology), and Chimera
death- sacrifice
kind of hoping to catch a class teacher's attention and maybe get like a hades spell or maybe call a spell death lord and have it multi hit and multi heal at the same time to make death chars more helpful in a team. cuz solo attack and heal spells not quite helpful when someone in you party can't heal.
any death chars that like this idea plz help this reach someone that might be able to help make this spell possible. thnx in advance.