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Death Second School?

Jun 28, 2009
I am gonna ask you guys a easy question. And it will be great if you could answer!!!

Ok so i am a death wizard FYI and i am at the point where i have to pick my second school The question is : What is a helpful second school for a necroamcner (death wizard) ??? Dont say life or storm because death has strong spells and good healing from draining! Also dont say save pints for like baldes and trap. i will get them from from the ponts form zekes quest

I would like a second school with good buffs and a school that would really help out killing monsters! I DONT DO PvP i do a lot of soloing unless i need help killing a boss! I was considering balance or myth but i wanna hear what you say!

Dec 14, 2008
STORM STORM! DEFINETELY! storm may fizzle a lot but when you reach high level you will start having 60% power pip chances ( I have 84% and I am a grandmaster necromancer :P ) so you want something that does a lot of damage with little pip cost? well the great thing when you finish storm you get stormzilla which is 650-730 strongest 5 pip spell thats right only 5 pips which canmake a difference.....

Mar 08, 2009
If you desire damage from a secondary you're wrong. Think about it. Assuming you always gained power pips with 5 power pips you could use one stormzilla OR use 2 wraiths which would do more damage plus you get some drain. I learned this from making a Life/Storm and i dont think it was a good choice. He is now level 48 and i have a level 28 balance which is death to feint and ice to tower shield. As for a second class hmmm. Ice to tower shield is nice for any class and well the Niles spells hmm thats seven Training points. You could get Reshuffle thats 8 as for the rest idk.

Joseph Sandrider level 29 Balance Warlord
Joseph Liferider level 48 Life Private