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Dear, Moolinda Wu............

Dec 09, 2011
RavenWood Post Office Letter

To: Moolinda Wu , Athur Wethersfield .
From: Matthew SilverCoin

Subject: PvP with you professor's

Alright so I thought it would be really cool to like meet and talk to the Kingsisle Entertainment, so I want to know you two will be able to pvp with me and have a fun day together (3 hours possibly) maybe quest farm or something and PvP each other. So I was wondering if you will let us meet up. Please reply back to my message I will be grateful.

Important Information

My Name: Matthew SilverCoin
My School: Storm
My Secondary School: Life
Where To meet at: Basicila, DS
Server (Realm): Vampire
Time: 3:30PM EST (2:30PM EST)
Date: July 7, 30th. 2014
Other Information: Can you please have your badge that says, Kingsisle Entertainment on so I know exactly who you are.
Chat Information: Open Chat.

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