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Dear KingsIsle

Dec 04, 2008
A huge thank-you note for the team at KingsIsle for bring this wonderful game to the web.
We played ToonTown for almost 2 years.While we played TT we tried to get my mom to play TT but she just didn't like the arrow keys to move the toon or the whole thing about TT.
So one day I was looking for other games to play other then TT and I found this game back in November and have been hooked along with my 4 year old daughter.We play this so much that we forgot that there was a toontown.
Well a month back my 65 year old Mom was over at my house and I was playing my wizard and she wanted to know what I was playing and right away she got hooked,she still didn't like the fact that she had to use the arrow keys to move but she got past that very quickly.She had her account and bought the 1 month membership,4 days after she got her membership my mom went in the hospital.While she was in the hospital all she talked about was wizards and how she was level 15 and she was so proud of herself.She got worst on the 3rd day at the hospital were she was put on a ventilator.She knew we were there and keep moving and wouldn't settle down the only way to calm her was to talk to her about wizards and she calm down.She past away on the forth day with my sister last words of we love you and the headmaster has you final task for you.
I miss her very much and it has been very hard to come and play my wizard and not see my mom or help her with task or to even call her about wizards
My daughter pulled me out of it where she asked me if she could play Grammy's wizard.At first I didn't want her to play her,but it was my sister that said why not,and I didn't have an answer for it,for the last few days it doesn't seem as bad as I thought it would be.
So Thank-You from the bottom of my heart for bring this game to the web

That's an amazing story. Thank you for sharing that with us. We love to hear when Wizard101 can bring a family together.

Jul 15, 2008
Feb 23, 2009
i know when i read this story i cried too lupan. and just like lady oriel said that is so good how this game brought your family together.