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Aug 01, 2009
Is it possible to solo darkmoor, seeing its extreme difficulty and need for teamwork, would it be possible to solo the whole thing, people said they have but never have proof, and if you could solo it, what would your advice for it

Evan StarBlade lvl 52

Oct 01, 2014
There has been one solo run posted to youtube. I don't have a link. You may be able to search for it.

Sep 07, 2011
Jun 04, 2009
You will need crowns for the following:

Soloing Castle Darkmoor:

What you first need to do is get a ton of crowns. This is not going to be easy. Next, buy the Level 100 set in the crowns shop for your school, as well as stock up on Treasure Cards. These two items can help very much. I recommend the Harrowing Nightmare pack, and some other packs of the same criteria.

Next, enter castle Darkmoor. Alone. You're on a solo mission, cadet. Buy the following in each battle:

-Lvl 100 Balance Minion - A Balance wizard is always good to have in sight
-Lvl 100 Life Minion - Healers ftw
-Lvl 100 Storm Minion - These help with doing lots of damage, however I wouldn't reccomend it if you're already storm

If already storm, do a Lvl 100 fire minion. Any other class it would be fine to double up on elements.

Now, don't expect to make it to the undying's lair so quickly. You must first spend a lot of crowns, and beat a lot of guys.

Now, go have fun.

Oct 15, 2011
I would not try soloing this dungeon. As my fire wizard, I spent hours upon hours and never defeated the Spirit of Darkmoor (had to do it twice because of server disconnect). It is a disgusting and disappointing experience. If future dungeons are going to be like this, I will rethink membership at renewal time. It cost a ton of crowns and still did not win next spell. Because the second battle of the first part of Darkmoor is so long, it is very difficult to carry forward with same team to second part. It is also difficult to find a team of four using Team-Up for the second part as well. The second part is very much longer and even more tedious than the first part. The server disconnected me the first time I was at the last game in second part with the Spirit of Darkmoor and when I logged back on and teleported back into dungeon, all my history was gone and it started me from beginning. I will not be playing this dungeon for a long time - too disgusted. There are way too many cheats in this dungeon for it to be fun - just annoying, tedious, and disappointing.

Rowan Sunfist
Fire Wizard