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crowns to gold

May 23, 2009
I was reading the posts and realized somebody said you could buy gold for crowns. Now I had seen it in the game but thought nothing of it.

Then I realized I don't have enough crowns to buy anything useful or to even open a new game section (Besides I switched to subscriptions it's cheaper).

When I realized the crowns to gold rate is insane!

800 crowns (That's real money real life money I can use for something else)
for 1000 in game gold. That' not even enough to buy decent wizard city equipment.

Right now you can't trade anything in game, items, gold, or housing objects. Only key cards which I usually toss away in fights anyways because they arn't all that more powerful then the regular ones really.

The problem is that gold buying is most popular near the beginning of a game. That means when you go to turn hard earned cash into non-refundable game credits you want to get a good investment that will give you a great advantage in the game over people who have spent no money at all on it.

I mean truth is for items you can get in the game for free with game credits at the store the crown items are highly over priced anyways.

But the fact that you get so little for so much is not very conclusive.

The way I usually operate is if I can get a lot for a little say 100 crowns = 10,000 gold. I still have to spend around 2,000 crowns just on gold to get the best stuff in DS not counting the coloring costs.

Again let me reiterate there is no refund so it's not like they give all this gold away then you can simply turn around and take the money you spent back out of the game.

As I was saying if I could get a lot for a little it wouldn't make me all happy I got everything I wanted for the first $10 then I will never buy again. When things are cheap enough it encouraged me to buy more because I get so much with it. I'd buy a $20 card just to have a maxed set of DS gear and have it colored because I knew I wouldn't have to spend that kind of money again. Yet I would still consider $5 every once in a while (On top of my subscription fee) just for anything new that came out or simply to buy new key cards are they came out for fun (Yes I know I said I find them pretty useless but it can be fun to get cards from other schools just to use them for fun).

Bottom line. Crowns are what they are. The conversion of real money to crowns isn't that great but it's acceptable. The conversion then of crowns to items, gold, cards or otherwise is not acceptable.

I will continue to play the game because I enjoy it but I won't be buying any more crowns because it simply isn't worth it.

thx for listening.

May 09, 2009
I hear you 100%.

Are fake items and clothes really worth $5-$80?

If the crowns were cheaper I would probably buy them.