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Crafting tapestries...

Aug 21, 2013
Was wondering, are there any plans to release more crafting recipes for tapestries? If so, would love recipes to craft the following...

1. Zafaria (Baobob and Drum Jungle, if not more)
2. Avalon (Caliburn and The Outer Yard, if not more)
3. Khrysalis (Bastion and Shadow Palace, if not more)
4. Azteca
5. That other island in Krokotopia that no one seems to be able to get to (not the secret shop one, the other one higher up).
6. Garden of Hesperides
7. Entrance to Halfang's cave
8. School of Balance in Krokotopia
9. Haunted Cave
10. The Atheneum in DS

Oh and for the 5 items requirement, please don't make them super hard like Chameleon fish, those things are a pain to try for.

Aug 18, 2011
Shadow Palace, Garden of Hesperides, Outer Yard, Haunted Cave, and the Atheneum are high on my wish list. Vestrilund +/or Hrundle Fjord would be good too.

I don't think we are meant to go to that island in Krokotopia yet. The desert is tricky. It might just be a mirage for now ;)

Aug 21, 2013
It's known that people have been trying for quite a while to get there, be nice to finally accomplish it. Could be a special hangout that you can't teleport to (via a friend), but only get there by means of a tapestry. Perhaps have a shop there that carries crown shop items that have since been retired, with the inventory rotating weekly, with a daily cycle of current crown shop items that are on a minor sale (that you can't get through the crown shop directly).

For example, people like to buy mega snack packs, so perhaps on a given day it would be 10% off the regular price, but only at that special shop. An expired item that could appear would be mounts (maybe even charity mounts?) that you could buy at most any time but are no longer available. Would be a great way for people to get items they wanted to before but couldn't or to save a few crowns by knowing where to go. Would also serve as a reward for people who put in the effort to craft the tapestry. In a way would be like another 'secret shop'. :D

Jul 10, 2009
It would also be nice to get ones for:

Nercopolis (DS)
Regular Secret Shop in Krokotopia
Final Dungeons in Various worlds (Mirror Lake, Keep of Ganelon, Shadow Palace, Trial of the Spheres, etc)
Where Your Current Main Quest Is (Probably too hard to program >.<)

I like your idea for the entrance to Halfang's cave. (as well as the others, of course)

Haley MoonHeart, Promeathan Thaumagture