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crafting question

Mar 10, 2009
i love the crafting feature added to the game lot of fun

i noticed mentioned in one of the posts that there is a recipie for a Carousel to craft.
where is that i cant seem to find it and i would really really like to make it
could anyone please tell me where to find it

Mar 08, 2009
it is in dragonsprye, but you have to finish all of the other worlds basic crafting assignments first. Also be prepared, it has items on there that we need and I am still waiting on an answer on how to obtain it since it treasure cards needed not from my school, and it is a high powered ranking card. It also cost 40,000 to purchase the recipe for this one. good luck.

Mar 10, 2009
omg wow
dont think i want it that bad anymore not worth it
im still trying to do the basic crafting assignment in marleybone wish you didnt need so many items for these
starting to dislike the crafting feature more and more it is very frustrating trying to get all the items needed especially when you need to make 5 of one thing for the assignments
wish they would make these less or at least easier to get ahold of the items