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Craft or Waterworks Gear?

Apr 12, 2010
Hello wizards from wizard city and beyond...I need help on an opinion for my ice wizard: should I get the level 66 crafting gear or should I just go with the waterworks gear? I cant decide which to get. My wizard is level 37, so he still has a mountain of quests and worlds before he even reaches level 66. But I wanna know ahead of time, what gear I am going to get in my later levels. I wanna know what ring, hat, robe, shoe, athame, and maybe amulet and wand I should get (I know I am asking for too much info already, sorry, but that's how stuck I am on what to get).

Anyways, please help and thank you for your time. :)

P.S. Advice from transcended-archmage ice wizards would REALLY help.

Oct 05, 2010
I suggest going there for frostbit boots then use crafted robe and hat.

Jul 03, 2010
All my wizards get the crafted gear from Wintertusk, helmet and robe, boots not so much. I did not craft past the level needed for higher crafting and do not intend to.

The other items tend to be more of preference on your fighting style.

Oct 22, 2011
I have a level 80 Ice.

- Starting with Wintertusk, the level 56 crafted gear is excellent.

- Level 60 Waterworks gear will work well for a short time, but higher crafted gear works better.

- Level 66 crafted gear is great for Ice. Once I crafted this, I don't use my Waterworks gear any more (although I still keep it in my home bank).

- Be sure to keep 2+ sets of your better gear in your backpack or house bank. This way you can mix and match to come up with the best combination you want for your Ice wizard. I keep 3-4 sets with me, and that includes L56 to L78 gear (which includes wands, athames, amulets, and rings).

I'll do another post, and let you know the names and stats of what I have in my bank and backpack.

There's still some Ice drop gear in Zafaria and Avalon that I have not gotten yet (but have seen with other Ice wizards), but I'm still farming for those.

Be back soon!