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Confused Enemies ?

Nov 25, 2008
So going through the spiral, battling and what not, I find myself running into enemies that aren't what they seem...

I battled what was labeled a storm brute that used tower shields, ice blades, ice traps and ice attacks.
A so called "ice" enemy use life blades and death shields.
Even a skeletal guy who had two turns every round and spent one of those turns putting blades on my team mate (and no he was not beguiled).

Am i the only one experiencing this?

Dec 11, 2008
No, the death school Kroks in the Krokosphinx think they are Life school. They cast death shields on themselves when they should be casting life shields. Then they cast Life Blades, when they should be casting Death Blades. They also use lots of Absorb shields, which normally only Life enemies do. I have went through entire battles with them that they don't use a single death school spell.

Dec 14, 2008
some enemies might cloak themselves but it is easy to tell because of their blades..... another thing you can add to this is imitsu retainers says balance but all ice.... still they have the same resists and boosts as their marked class so it doesnt matter much :D

Nov 25, 2008
It seems that it is happening more and more and I'm not getting the point of it ???

Jul 10, 2009
Neither am I. It seems in a few fights I have been in lately, the mobs cast almost every single class spell other than what they should. Am I supposed to make a wild guess at what they are going to cast at me?

My main character is balance. I have all the shields I can. I see an ice mob, so naturally I assume toss up an ice shield. Do that, they suddenly toss death spells at me, myth, life, and fire as well as balance. That leads me to believe the mobs in the game can cast from all schools.

I personally don't believe this is a good idea. It is one of the most annoying things next to fizzle. I understand fizzle, I accept it. I can't wrap my mind around mobs even having classes when they can do anything they "want". It seems they have access to every school in the game. That and they come in pairs when it's supposed to be a duel. Ice mobs toss fire elves, as well as ice elves, followed up with a ghoul and some leprechauns and then an evil snowman. While I have to save up 6 or more pips to toss out enough damage to kill 2 of them, and hope I don't fizzle.

Make it 1 mob per person all the way through (except instances and bosses), increase their HP because of this, and bring their schools down to 2 schools per mob type. This keeps it along the same lines as the beginning of the game, the part the game that we all fell in love with.