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Commander Cloak trade option

Apr 05, 2010
Hi guys this topic concerns more then just the commander cloak. It also applies to any other appearance item with a NO TRADE tag.

The commander cloak available for 1000 arena tickets is to some players still one of the most cool looking items. In the past people cloud trade it trough the mannequin but due to complications with unstitching KI decided to patch this. However many people find this a loss since pvping with a pvp-character to get the appearance items you desire is no longer of use. If you are level 95 atm and you havent started pvp then you are unlikely to ever get this robe or you have to work for it for months (compared to 2 days on a level 5-10 character). I think there should be an option to permanently make an item lose all its stats. Lets call this option the Withdraw Stats option. Elouise should have it available for 500 crowns and it should remove all restrictions and stats from an item permanently. The item can be stitched but can never regain its old stats back. This way items should become available for trade without having to worry about people getting easy pvp items + stats without having the proper pvp rank.

(side note) No Auction tags will always remain when present on the item.

This topic is open for suggestions or other feedback.

With kind regards,

Noah Shadowweaver (level 93 Necromancer)