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Collecting stuff problems? Try this

Jan 02, 2011
Are you going crazy trying to collect something that just doesnt' seem to drop?

Try this before you scream about low drop rates:

Open your spell book, click on the map icon and look on the map for the small picture of whatever it is you'r'e collecting from.

you'll probably find you are no where close to where that picture is on the map

Go where that picture is and fight the mobs there.


Assume you have to collect finger bones from skeleton warriors for Greta. You find skeleton warriors in a lot of different places, but you'll only find their picture (while you have the quest) in one spot on one street in firecat alley.

Instead of just killing skeleton warriors where ever you run into them and griping about how long it's taking, go where their picture is and battle them there. Bet you get your figure bones in just a few minutes if you do this.