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Coif of the Inferno - What to do with it?

Jun 16, 2011
So I got the coif of the inferno by defeating a boss monster, problem is it looks like there is nothing I can do with it. I am from the ice school, so since it is fire I can't wear it. It will not let me sell it at the bazaar. Looks like my only option is to trash it and I don't want to do that with a level 25 item. Anybody know if there is any other way to sell it? I have a level 15 ice robe in my bank that has been hanging around because I can't figure out how to sell it either.

Thanks :-)

Aug 03, 2009
"No Auction" items can be sold at stores in any world. Just go to one of the clothing dealers in the Shopping District or wherever, and sell it. It makes less money than the Bazaar, but you are making money.

Apr 02, 2010