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Click if ur a lvl 49+ Fire Wizard

Aug 20, 2011
Hey guys! I have a question. Are there any good battle strategies for a lvl 49 fire wizard? I know a few but not many :? Any tips?

Nov 30, 2011
The way I do my battles, I first check to see what school they are then I arrange my deck accordingly. Another thing I do though is I cancel out spells in my deck that I know I'm probably going to not use in the battle. Just so I can increase my chance of getting the spell I want. However always have a back up spell just in case the spell you want to use fizzles. I hope this helps.

Destiny Starflame Lvl 49
Master Pyromancer

May 22, 2011
i also arrange my deck its really good. make sure if your fighting fire put ALL your converters in

Feb 24, 2009
If it is street enemies, just put meteors and fire blades in. Once you can, learn sun spells and enchant. (The ones that add damage, ex: tough)

Nov 26, 2011
I have trained death and life so i have: Storm, ice, life, death, myth shield i believe. So try to shield against your enemies school and blade up then hit them with a dragon.

Jasmine FireBlade lvl 77 pyromancer
Jessica SparkleGem lvl 70 thaumaturge

May 02, 2009
I've trained ice to ice wyvern, sun to colossal (you don't need to get the accuracy boosters to get the damage ones) and cloak, all the moon spells, and amplify, fortify, conviction, and empowerment for star.

A good strategy is when using dots, if you know the dot will kill the enemy, you can use that time to shield and/or heal up for the next fight. Another good strategy I used is blade, trap, shield, immolate. For the weakness spammers, never use the same wand as your school, as the wand will use your blades and traps. I recommend using the one of your opposite school (ice in fires case), that way it won't use any of the school-specific boosts.

I hope I helped some.