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Cheating bosses removing prisms

Apr 02, 2010
I had the opportunity to get the end of Wintertusk only to faced with a pretty hard problem - the Death boss would remove the Death prism my Death character put on him. Now, if a boss has some 20k+ health, there is going to a problem here. But I thought this was one time issue.

But then I was perusing the wizard101central.com website, and some one was asking how do you deal with Death Rats in the last level of the Warehouse, and as I recal, the boss only removed traps from himself and his henchmen, not prisms. Removing prisms too is new.

It would appear that something has changed.

One possibility is that a bug was introduced in the last update.

Another possibility, which will sound bold and perhaps nasty, is that KI is trying to force us to buy those amulets to get past certain bosses. I am hoping it is the former.

I respectfully ask that KI look into the issue.

May 06, 2009
My death wizard hasn't finished wintertusk yet, he is level 60, he did finish grizlehiem (finially), celestial and almost all of the other quests. Anyways I was going to talk about my experience with him with the death rats in marleybone (I think this was to get the spiral key for celestia). What he did was just spam scarecrow. I didn't care that they were death, the group attack spell didn't trigger them to cheat and I slowly wittled them down. Heck on those rats inpartiqular it took 2 + a tiney bit more with gargantuan scarecrow to actually kill them off. When I get to the lieing brothers at the end of wintertusk (yes I already did that zone before on my life wizard) I plan to do the exact same stratigey of just spamming scarecrow. Mostlikely on the brothers in wintertusk the death one will be the last one of the 3 that will die before it is only just the big brother.

Apr 02, 2010
Back in the day, the threat was you had to finish the "Warehouse/Spiral Geographic" before you could go to Celestia, and everyone was level 50, there was no Gargantuan. Pretty much it was a group effort to get past it, just like Malistaire had to be done as a group.

This business of AoE not causing Estrakir to hit is new - used to be, any sort of hit, he did Meteor or Nova, can't remember, or a special combo of the two. You had to kill his minions first without hitting him.

Ugh. Looks like I am going to have to go back to the Warehouse to check this out. I swore off that place after spending some two or three hours getting to the end only to get about 1000 gold for the item I received.

Observation - when using Linux/Firefox 3.1.16, spelling mistakes are not underlined in red, as seen in my original post.

Jan 05, 2011
If anything, they aren't trying to force buying the amulets, they are trying to stress that some areas should really be done with a team. with the final bosses in WT, however, i think he'll only remove a prism from himself if you cast it when he's not 'it', but i could be wrong. -eli and crew