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May 09, 2009
With the introduction of the new chat options and grouping I had a thought, which may or may not have been mentioned earlier.

What about a type of global chat limited to the menu options available to everyone that allows people to request help for specific quests that they are on?

What about being able to jump/warp to other members of your "group" even if they are not your "friends"

For Example:

I am in the Baelstrom realm and need some help with the Sunken City, instead of posting on the boards and waiting several days for a response I could hit the global chat option which would give me several drop down options to ask for help.

"I am doing (insert quest) would anyone like to help me?"(text)
(player name) is located (area) (system)

After this message is sent people interested in helping would be able to find their way together to do some of these more difficult instances.

Being able to jump/warp to fellow "group members" imo would be helpful for these types of joint ventures as well.

Nathaniel Spellhammer
Lvl 47 Pyromancer

May 19, 2009