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Characters on Different Accounts.

Mar 01, 2014
I created an account a couple years ago and got one wizard up to level 60 myth on that. I quit for a while and tried to rejoin, but I forgot my password, so I made a new account. Well I found my password for the old account, and I was wondering if (besides linking the two accounts) if I could move a character from my new account to my old account. Also, if linking the two accounts is the only option, could I have a shared bank to share items like pets between the two?

This is already covered in our Headmaster's Announcements section.


Yes we can transfer characters as a limited courtesy between two accounts if:

a) both accounts (the from & to) are linked in a Family of Accounts
b) both accounts pass our security checks
c) both accounts are subscribed for a 1 year term

If your situation meet these conditions, send an email to support@wizard101.com and let Mr Lincoln know the Source Account, the Destination Account, and the name of the character(s) to be transferred and he will look into the transfer for you.

All of Mr Lincoln's decisions are final when it comes to character transfer requests. All transfers are performed at the discretion of KingsIsle Entertainment