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Character Deleted

Feb 09, 2009
Just wondering. My 10 year old son told me that one of his friends figured out his pass word and was playing with is character. This friend has now deleted my son’s character.

As he was up to level 45 it is very hart breaking. Just wondering if there is a way to get his character restored.

I have explained to my son that this is why I keep telling him not to let any one know his password. This is a hard way to learn a lesson.

Please let me know and I can give you more personal info.

Thank You

Please contact Mr Lincoln about this issue, the sooner you do, the better the chance he'll be able to recover the deleted character.

Click on the Help & Support tab on the left and follow the instructions at the bottom to Contact Us.

Please also let your son be aware that sharing his account info with friends can get his Wizard101 account banned from the game.

Feb 09, 2009
Thank you for the help, Mr Lincoln was able to restore my son's character

I will also take care of this issue with the kids involved

Have a great day