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Change your wizard's name?

Dec 09, 2011
It would be great if Kingsisle would add an option so members can change their wizard's name. So many new names to pick from since I became a member.Something different would be a really cool option. What do other members think on this topic?

Nov 23, 2012
I completely agree with this! I have a storm wizard whose name is horrible and I would love to change it. They made it possible for us to remake our wizards (getting crowns to possibly remake her) and it would be amazing to rename them as well!

~Sarai Dune - Prodigious Sorcerer (114)
~Scarlet Stormblade - Grandmaster Diviner (59)

~ Esmee Rain - Magus Theurgist (30)
~Erin Skull - Journeyman Necromancer (16)
~Scarlet Dragonflame - Grandmaster Thaumaturge (52)

May 23, 2009
Great idea. However, there should be some restirictions otherwise people will abuse it. You can only change a wizard's name once and it must cost crowns to do so.

Jun 06, 2009
My main wizard's last name is SilverCaller lol
I made the account when I was 8, and back then I didn't understand the difference between "collar" and "caller." I thought her name would be referencing a silver collar (or a necklace?? I don't even remember my "reasoning"), but instead she ended up being someone who somehow calls silver?? Maybe she just runs around the Commons talking to herself about silver necklaces, who knows lol

But anyways: while I personally wouldn't change my character's name (just because I've had it for so long that it would feel weird to change it), I bet a lot of folks would like to be able to change theirs. We can change our entire appearance now, so it makes sense that we'd be able to change our names too, right?