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Card drops in Packs

Mar 27, 2009
This is just ughhhhh,

I recently got the 60000k crowns for my life wiz to get pigsie and have some leftover---- Buttttttt

I spent every crown on wysteria pack and guess what?

I got only balance no ice pig no pigsie..............

Listen I get it RNG BRO U UNLUCKY, but this is dumb

that 80$, thats 80$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I understand you cant do anything cause its rng, but still thats dumb and I want you to open your eyes Kingsisle and see how much that actully is

Jan 18, 2010
My apologies for such an experience, but you've to understand, spells from packs are of a rarity exceeding Epic!

It is so rare that most have concluded that the chances of getting a spell is below 1%!

Below 1%!

Now, with a chance like that, you can imagine that it will take some great amount of chances or crowns thrown at the pack to get a spell, muchless the one you want.

It also doesn't help that the Treasure Card Versions needed to craft the spell is just as hard to get as learning the actual spell itself.

In a case like this, there's no sound advice. Farming Loremaster seems close to pointless and I really wouldn't recommend you go and tossing another $60 worth of crowns at the pack.

But, it's up to you.

Hopefully the chances lean further into our favor in the upcoming future.

Aug 10, 2009
Sep 20, 2017
Or probably just wait and hope an update or bonus rolls along bettering your chances..