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Can't find my son in the game

Jun 16, 2009
I apologize if I have overlooked the answer to this question. My son and I both started a trial of Wiz101. We liked it and I upgraded our accounts with me as the family master. He still does not have the ability to utilize the true friend function. The option isn't even on his screen. The option is on mine and I can of course generate a code but he can't enter it? The idea was that we would play together, however, at this point we are at a loss. I thank any and all that try to help.


As part of our ongoing commitment to protect our young players, True Friend Codes for players under 13 must be enabled through the Parental Controls on the website.

Log in to your child's account on Wizard101.com the website.
Click My Accounts.
Under Account Management you will see options for parental controls, including a parental control password.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Mr Lincoln through the Help & Support page.

May 15, 2009
Make sure you are both in the same realm.

Thats the problem my son and I had. Once I figured out we were on separate realms all was good!

Feb 18, 2009
Prior to the Friend Code, the only way to actually meet up with someone is to meet at the same place in the same Realm. Have you tried this? Incase your not aware, Realms are located in your Book (the one in the bottom right corner on your screen). Go into that book, and two or three icons above the "X" is two silver/black balls, click on that. This takes you into the "Realms" section. On the top of your screen you'll see a name like "Sunbird" on the Left and "Area 1" on the right. Check to make sure your Realm and Area is not "Full" or "Crowded". If it is, simply highlight a new one and click OK on the bottom. If it's not, tell whomever your trying to meet up which Realm you are in and where to meet.

Hopefully this makes sense because this it the best that I can do with trying to explain.

Hunter SilverHeart
Level 49 Pyromancer/Diviner