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cant decide

Aug 20, 2009
Ok, so i cant make up my mind on my account, i have one spot left and i just cant decide whether to make a ice or fire. i got the grand gear for them both so idk which to choose plz gimme some advice.

Jul 11, 2009
I am saving my last spot for after the update comes out.
Just incase they add another school.
But If I was to make one I would go Fire. Only because I like the look of the spells more. But Ice is fun.. o no now I can't make up my mind...

Aug 12, 2009
May 15, 2009
if you like attacking relentless and blasting your opponents to a crisp then choose fire
if you like having a HUGE amount of life and love a very strong defense than choose ice simple as that

Oct 31, 2009
I would take the test thing in the beginning, you know? To find out what type of wizard you are. Then keep doing it until you get ice or fire. Which ever you get first, do that. And if you dont like that school, SWITCH! Easy peasy. I think I spelled that wrong...
P.S.- Is there a way to spell peasy? Is it even a word?

May 08, 2010
I am currently playing a Storm / Ice wizard, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my Ice half. Pretty good shields... especially Tower Shield... makes up for Storms lack of defenses and health... and also gives me a few turns to meddle through the abundance of Fizzles >:( ... so maybe you should think about doing a Fire/Ice, or Ice/Fire build... it could be interesting for sure!

Mar 24, 2009
Fire. Not because of my own school is fire, it's because of a few reasons:
1: They have an reasonable amount of health
2: They do a great deal of damage
3: They have awesome looks :D

Hope that helps you a lot.
Then there's ice...
1: They have a lot of health
2: They are the "Defence" school

So....weigh out your options carefully.