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Cancelling accounts

Dec 02, 2008
No, I'm not cancelling now. I'm just curious what will happen when the time comes.

My understanding is based on the business model that a few areas are free to play forever, but to get access to the rest, you have to subscribe. (There's also the micropayments for permanent access to individual areas, but let's ignore that for now.) Cancelling the subscription means loss of access to all but the handful of free areas, right?

So if I were to cancel my subscription, I would still have access to the free areas, but no longer have access to most of the game. If a character is in a free area when I cancel, I'd still be able to run around in free areas and do a bit there, but lose access to the paid areas unless I resubscribed. That should make it so that if I'm considering coming back later, it should be easy to pop in and run around a bit, maybe play a minigame or three, and see how I felt about it.

But what if I'm in a paid area when I log off for the last time before cancelling? Would I be unable to log back in? Would it warp me back to the dorms at next login? Would I retain access to that one paid area until I left it?


All most excellent questions! You've pretty well got the gist of it. Specifically, if you are in say, Krokotopia at the stroke of midnight when you subscription expires, you'd be teleported back to the Commons when you re-entered.

Subscriptions are paid in advance, so if you cancel even 1 second after you purchase one, you'll have full game access (assuming quest entry) until expiration.

Don't forget, your account never ceases to exist, merely reverts to Free Trial Status, so you can come back anytime!!

Please let me know if you have any further questions!