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Can you take pictures?

Jun 14, 2011
Is it possible to copy a picture of your wizard so you can print it out?

Samuel Goldflame

Lv. 20

May 25, 2009
Sure you can. It's called a Print screen (PrtSc) and it allowed you to take a picture of your entire screen. I'll list the steps below:

1) Log on to your Wizard, and enter Full Screen if you want a really good picture
1a) If you are having problems with resolution, you can go on a search engine (Google, Bing, etc,) and find your computer's screen resolution.
2) Go in front of a popular area or item you want to take a picture in front of.
2a) You can left-click your mouse and drag it to get a front view of your Wizard.
2b) If you want, you can press Ctrl + G and it will make everything (on your Wizard's screen) disappear, making the picture clearer. Don't worry, you can press Ctrl + G to get it back on.
3) Press PrtSc on your keyboard. On mine, it is located in the upper right of the keyboard, to the left a little
3b) It should show a bunch of blue letters and numbers when you're finished. If it doesn't, press Ctrl + PrtSc and try again. If it still won't work, ask a parent or guardian.
4) Go to the start menu and click on "Paint", or similar programs.
5) Press Ctrl + V, and your print screen will show up. If it does not, then you either haven't correctly print screened it or didn't paste it correctly.
6) In the upper left, you have the option to save your picture for future references, and print the picture, which you want.
7) If you have your printer set up, go ahead and click on "Print", and wait for your picture to come up!

I hope you have a good picture!

Footnote: All of the a's and b's next to the numbers are completely optional. You do NOT have to do them, they are just preferences.

Anthony Ghosthunter, Legendary Theurgist
Gabriel Mythwraith, Grandmaster Diviner

May 30, 2010
yes the printscreen button on keyboard saves the pic on your w101 folder in pict where you can print later the picture