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Can You Solo Sunken City ?

Jul 08, 2009
Dec 23, 2008
Probably. But you'd have to have really high stats. Pretty sure my level 49 could do it, although I haven't tried. Any character under 20 would have a seriously difficult time of it. The hardest parts would be the initial street battle (VERY difficult to sneak past the first set of ghosts), and the final encounter with Grubb. (Yeah, ok, technically that was a *spoiler*, but who can't see it coming?)

Mar 12, 2009
Hello, it is highly recommended you at least have one person go in with you. But if you feel your up to it you can try to solo it. I myself attempted to solo it with my death guy, i eventually beat it on my own but i died a dozen times and had to keep running back to complete it considering that the area don't reset when you die, so all the monsters you killed stay dead when you come back as long as its withing 30 minutes. Hope this helps and good luck.

Jul 03, 2009
Yes you can solo sunken city. Personally i have not :? . You need to be about level 35-50. I did it with a level 35 necromancer while i was level 23. Its recommended to go with 4 level 25ers.

Steven Shadow Stalker Level 27 Necromancer
Sunken City Survivor

Mar 07, 2009
Jun 24, 2009
My daughter and I did it together. It was not easy with just the two of us. I was lvl 25 Life and she was lvl 24 Ice at the time. Attack and Heal is our strategy. IMO I do think you can solo it, if you were at least lvl 35

As someone previously stated surving the initial street attack is one of the toughest parts. I think they would suck you off the wall of the buildings if you could walk on them.
Grab a few buddies and save yourself a lot of aggravation :-P

Mar 09, 2009
Currently I can't do it alone. I might be able to, but I don't want to take THAT much time on just that one dungeon.

Mar 08, 2009
I have 6 wizards and have been soloing most of the game (sometimes others have popped in). I tried to solo Sunken City before I left Wizard City but it was too difficult. Tried again at end of Krokotopia. Life wizard did okay but the others had problems. Just yesterday got 2 others through, one was my storm grand master. Finally got that off her list and heading back to DS. It can be done but does take a higher level wizard to make it. Or an extremely lucky one!

Dec 11, 2008
I can do it with my Grandmaster Myth with ease, but I tried last night with my level 29 Ice Wizard and did the entire area except for Grubb solo. When I got to Grubb, another Wizard (level 31 Life) ported to me. It was a good thing he did because I would not have survived Grubb solo.

Other than Grubb, the other person was right - the initial street battle when you enter Sunken City and the street battle you almost always get pulled into outside the first tower were the biggest problems. THose are back to back 3 on 1 attacks. I had forgot about the 2nd one, so I wasn't fully healed and had a rough time of it. The third tower had it's moments, but I made it through thanks to potions and healing spells.

Jul 15, 2009
Sunken is Ez. Duo at 15. Soloed at 33. Soloed Tomb Of Beguiler Last night at 34.

Brian StormBringer :-D

Jun 09, 2009
it is possible to solo sunken city.i just did it today with my lvl 32 ice wizard and only had somebody port to me in nortons towerand help me with 2 battles.

jacob boomwalker lvl 32

May 04, 2009
I just did it last night with my lvl 31 fire/life guy. It took 2 hours, and 2 runs for potion refills (you'll need them for the gauntlet unless you're good with the last minute heals). I died once, because i made a stupid move, but oh well. I got kinda scared when I saw 3 minions with grubb that made me think i was gonna have to solo 4 enemies at once, but grubb just watched until i died and came back. then he took one minions place which was a bit worse, since he has more hp's than the other guys. I think the thing that made it possible (for me at least) was my arsonal of heal spells. All that for a lousy 30 xp, and 18 gold.

Jun 14, 2009
Jul 06, 2009
My main strategy in soloing any dungeon is to always mark my place before a battle. Yes, that uses mana, but I have a lot, so it doesn't matter too much. If I die, I can easily refill a potion and go to the marked spot and battle again. This saved my behind several times in Sunken City.

Also, if you run pressed up against the walls, I was not sucked into battle at all in Sunken City. When you get to the gates, I positioned myself in front of the gate looking in and waited until there was a break in the enemies and ran directly to the sidewalk.

The first time I attempted it, I made it to Norton's Tower, to Norton, on my own when I was level 20 (i think). I did it with a partner at level 28, and soloed it at level 35. I am a death/life wizard, so the healing I can do was a major factor in making it through.

Jun 24, 2009
I would say that the ability to solo things like Sunken City would be strongly tied to your ability to heal. Death or Life wizards might kill things slower but they're more likely to be able to solo things that other classes might not be able to handle. Even having Life as a second choice might give you better ability to solo.

I know that on my Death/Ice (Tower)/Balance(Weakness) I could probably have solo'd it at 26. I've never tried as I play with family members for stuff like that but I'd say I wouldn't have had much trouble with it. The key is to be able to survive long enough to reduce the 3v1 fights to 2v1 and then 1v1. Once you get to that point it's not that bad. The other thing that really helps on soloing things like this is the 'defensive' crown gear that have massive hp's on them. Having a large buffer to work with before your dead can make a huge difference.

Feb 15, 2009
Apr 18, 2009
actuially i have done it with two people me and my brother we were both level 13 though (this is are trick we cept leaving to get health then teleported back to one and other it was quite esy actuially)

now i am,
Nicholas SoulMender lvl 30

Jun 04, 2009
weatherwizard1312 wrote:
I am wondering if you can solo sunken city.How many people do you need?

I made it through pretty easily with just me and another player.

Mar 10, 2009
I did it with relative ease with my death wiz at level 35 only because of the prism boosts and stealing, and resist to death. And actually my fire wiz did it solo around the same level. almost died at Norten though :) Some may think at that level it would be breeze to solo, but when your 3 on 1 i can guarantee you it is NOT lol.

Jun 17, 2009
i am not here to brag but with a myth character i solo the whole place in sunken city when i got my troll minion i was capable of soloing the whole place the only challenge was the towers to get the key to the next section of the game... but i did have a few spirit armor treasure cards and those helped me wonders.. because most of the bosses and monsters cast banshee and a few other stuff so my myth wizard soloed sunken city not with ease but i was capable of doing it say around 20 or so whenever i got my troll minion..

once minion was out i just save up my pips to heal and use traps and blades then i one hit shot each monster to death then grabbed health balls to regain

Aug 14, 2008
i soloed a good deal of MS so i could probably do it as long as i had full potions

Jun 07, 2009
I tried but, the bad guys on the streets are EXTREMELY annoying!!! First, you're on the sidewalk and next thing you know, you're battling 3 ghosts when you didn't even come close to them!! I managed to get passed the set of ghosts, but I bumped into some Banshees instead!! Although I'm a lvl.29, The Sunken City is very hard.
~Maria Lightflame lvl.29 Adept Pyromancer